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Why is Stigma attached to Sickle Cell Disease?

Lots of things that can subscribe to the stigma attached in SCD. Here are some of the few problems.

  • Physical factors that make people with SCD stand out. Jaundice is one of the physical factors. This is apparently formed when red blood cells come to the end of their life. There is a yellowish formation called bile.. I guess you can figure this out sometimes your eyes gets yellow in colour. Sickle red blood cells have a shorter life and break down easily.
  • Sport activities are a major issues as people suffering from this ailment becomes breathless when doing exercise. However, they cannot join in or partake in sport activities and they experience being different amongst their Colleagues or peers.
  • Some people with SCD may seem stoic or unemotional. The perceived behaviour of expression of a person or people with SCD may sometimes feel less of showing certain emotions. Possibly it’s way of them coping with the excruciating pain they go through in their daily activities. Seemingly, other people will think that they don’t feel pain. However, they are going through so much pain and they tend to hide their feelings.
  • People with SCD should be listened to in terms of what medication works for an individual as everyone’s pain is different in terms of duration and doses. People with SCD experience chronic pain and have experience managing frequent, acute pain crises which may give providers in the emergency room or other settings the false impression that they are affected by substance abuse, rather than simply being knowledgeable about their health needs.
  • People with Sickle cell Ailment go through such an agonising pain and the sensation of physical discomfort in the form of agony and distress. However, it is also advisable for your employer or your teacher to be aware of your condition especially taken time off sick in terms of routine check ups and adaptation at work or school in regarding sports activities. This illness involves excruciating pain occurrences and tiredness can steer absent in work places and school institutions. Employers often feels that these people are lethargic and are not able to do the work, which can lead to negativity.

As a result, SCD-related stigma may leave some sufferers feeling mistrustful of the healthcare system.