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Sickle Cell Management in Nigeria

‘Sickle Cell Management in Nigeria’ is a new book by Augusta Elizabeth Koroma, the founder of Sickle Cell Intervention UK.

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a global health phenomenon. It is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa. The highest incidence of the disease is in Nigeria.

Western countries like the UK and the US have made significant progress. They have successfully reduced the rate of mortality and morbidity with early screenings and antenatal programs, pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies, intensive care and bone marrow transplants. These therapies have also improved the quality of lives of Sickle Cell Trait carriers.

This book analyzes the management of Sickle Cell Disease in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. It identifies the gaps in the healthcare system that lead to the sub-optimal treatment of the disease.

About the Author:
AUGUSTA ELIZABETH KOROMA is a is a subject matter expert in Sickle Cell. She is also a Public Health Consultant, Conference Speaker and CEO of Africa Sickle Cell Centre for Education and Research (ASCC4ER) and Sickle Cell Intervention UK.

She is also the author of Sickle Cell Ailment: My Cry, My Story (2017), Practical Guideline on Public Health intervention in Africa (2017) and Bio-terrorism (2019).

by Augusta Elizabeth Koroma
Crown • On-Sale: April 27, 2019 • Price: $16.32 • Pages: 98
ISBN: 9780244480196