Sickle Cell Disease

People with sickle cell disease have to cope with a chronic condition, which affects their quality of life. Learn more.


Psychological interventions are indicated to complement medical treatment for effective management.


Sickle cell anaemia is a serious ailment that is inherited by child from either or both the parents. Learn about it’s history.


Sickle cell disease is mostly prevalent amongst people of African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean and Asian origin.

Pain Plan

Create a list of pain medications that works for you with your
healthcare team.

Caregiver Support

It is always advisable for family members to know how to support their loved ones in this ailment.


Understanding Sickle Cell Disease
2018 BEFFTA Award winner Augusta Koroma with Dr. Pauline Long
Augusta Koroma wins 2018 BEFFTA People’s Choice Award
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Sickle Cell Intervention UK is pleased to announce that our founder and CEO Augusta Koroma has been honoured with a Special 2018 BEFFTA Award.

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Sickle Cell Disease Management
8 Ways to Help a Loved One with Sickle Cell Disease Management
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If your loved one has been diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease, it’s natural to want to support them in managing their condition. Sickle Cell Intervention has compiled a list for friends and family members of Sickle Cell Warriors. Here are 8 ways you can help: Show EMPATHY to the person […]

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10 Myths and Fact About Sickle Cell Disease
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Sickle Cell Intervention has made a list of our Top 1o myths and facts about Sickle Cell Disease. Malaria – There are sayings that I have heard from many people that malaria does not attack sickle cell sufferers and I am always amazed as there is no basis for such […]

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Sickle Cell Disease Awareness
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The misconceptions about Sickle Cell Disease in local communities and among health care professionals can be problematic. Family members, law enforcement, paramedics and hospital staff who aren’t educated about Sickle Cell Disease often subject those suffering from the ailment to unfair treatment and stigma because the misinterpret their symptoms for […]

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Stop The Stigma!
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World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated all over the world on June 19th each year with an aim of increasing public awareness on this lethal ailment and managing it effectively in collaboration with health professionals, families and public as a whole. In 2016, our sister organization Africa Sickle Cell Centre […]

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Why is Stigma attached to Sickle Cell Disease?
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Managing Sickle Cell Disease
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Our Founder

Augusta Koroma

Augusta Elizabeth Koroma is a Public Health Consultant, Conference
Speaker and the CEO of Africa Sickle Cell Centre for Education and
Research (ASCC4ER) and Sickle Cell Intervention (UK).

Sickle Cell Ailment: My Cry, My Story

by Augusta Elizabeth Koroma

Sickle Cell Disease is predominant in populations of Africa and Caribbean descent. Most are unaware until a loved one is affected. Learn about the journey of Sickle Cell warrior Augusta Elizabeth Koroma.


Practical Guideline On Public Health Intervention in Africa

by Augusta Elizabeth Koroma

Guidelines on how healthcare practitioners could intervene in tackling some of the public health challenges in Africa.